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Poet Rex Walton encourages local artists to participate in readings at Crescent Moon


Monday, November 28, 2011

For many poets, writing serves as a means of self-expression and conflict resolution.

At Crescent Moon Coffee, writers have the opportunity to share their written lives with others by reading their work to an audience made up of both writers and non-writers.

Rex Walton, a Lincoln poet for 30 years, has been running this Monday night reading series for the past 10 years.

Though "Poetry at the Moon" is typically frequented by poets, short stories, non-fiction, screenplays, songs and even blog posts are shared.

In the process of booking readers for the series, Walton contacts and schedules writers from Nebraska and all across the Midwest to read their work at the Crescent Moon. There are five or six "regulars" who read every week, but the number of new readers has been increasing recently.

"These writers bring great experiences, styles and different ways of looking at things," Walton said.

But Walton's love of verse is grounded in his own experience as a poet. He writes narrative poetry to express himself and to generate new thought. He often uses his poems to work through the events of his life.

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