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Tips to select a topic for a poem


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If you are looking for a trip of great poetry, how to decide on a topic for a poem, perhaps because of your driveway. There are several reasons why someone might want to write a poem, and this is something that can be factored into your decision on. Other things to help you decide on a topic for a poem are:

  • Examine current events and things happening in the news
  • Consider the vacation or holidays to come, or just write a poem about your favorite holiday
  • Write it for someone you know, this could be a loved one, a good friend, someone from your past or simply someone you’ve met before
  • write a poem for / about a stranger, write a poem for Bill Gates and Lance Armstrong. What do you say about George Washington?
  • Read other poems to help you find inspiration
  • Use rapid writing or poetry writing fast
  • Look past poems you’ve written
  • Join a group of writers of poetry or forum
Now that you have the recommendation of poetry, it is possible to write poetry to the letter every day if you wish. The more you write, you get more and more likely to come with one or two masterpieces in transit. Credits:

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