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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fresh Perspective by Sara Coslett

This is just another healthy distraction,
From my life of dissatisfaction.
My nights are filled with books and lectures,
In a world mired in conjectures.
I’m on my way to a degree
Attached to it is a hefty fee.
It’s a thirty-year plan
And yet it feels as though time just began. Click here to read in detail.

A Retired Teacher’s Dream by John Michael Domino

There is a yearning that I have deep inside.
It’s simply to teach others; I’ve got nothing to hide.
You don’t have to buy my program or hire me full-time.
In some situations, I don’t want a dime.
But if I can change a child’s life and make things like new.
There is almost nothing that I would not do.
But I know schools are competitive and many others want jobs.
Some need a career and feel threatened, others act like snobs. Click here to read in detail.

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