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Tips for the poets who are in beginning stage


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This article gives the beginning poet many tips for writing poetry. Learn about metered form, free style, personification, and many more techniques.

To write poetry, you must be willing to dig deep down into your soul. You must write the truth. You must write your feelings and views with a passion. These are very hard things to teach, so I will focus on the more technical aspects of writing poetry.

You try to add a unique perspective, but you know that so many other poets have described the sunrise and the sunset. You wonder how you could think of the universe and the stars in a new way. Well, you would be surprised. Many aspiring poets also struggle with getting the imagery in their verse just right.

First of all, in order to write with imagery, you must visualize the subject of your poem. If it is a poem about a tree, see the tree. You must also write down what you feel about the tree. Don't leave out any detail. What do the leaves smell like? If the poem is about a blazing fire, watch the flames flicker.

Watch the blossoms in the garden open up, breathing the air. See the orange flames lapping at the candle's wick. Can you hear the crackle of the fire burning in the fireplace? The blossom can cry, shedding the petals. The fire can voice its fury with a cackle.

Poetry must set the scene. Your reader must be able to step into the poem. They must be there with you, so you must describe it. In your head, watch the story unfold. Watch the tender rose blossom. Does it have dew sprinkled over it? What color is it? Is the color symbolic to the theme of your poem? Where is the light shining? Where is the shadow? Ask yourself what does the shadow symbolize.

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