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Tips to select a topic for a poem


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If you are looking for a trip of great poetry, how to decide on a topic for a poem, perhaps because of your driveway. There are several reasons why someone might want to write a poem, and this is something that can be factored into your decision on. Other things to help you decide on a topic for a poem are:

  • Examine current events and things happening in the news
  • Consider the vacation or holidays to come, or just write a poem about your favorite holiday
  • Write it for someone you know, this could be a loved one, a good friend, someone from your past or simply someone you’ve met before
  • write a poem for / about a stranger, write a poem for Bill Gates and Lance Armstrong. What do you say about George Washington?
  • Read other poems to help you find inspiration
  • Use rapid writing or poetry writing fast
  • Look past poems you’ve written
  • Join a group of writers of poetry or forum
Now that you have the recommendation of poetry, it is possible to write poetry to the letter every day if you wish. The more you write, you get more and more likely to come with one or two masterpieces in transit. Credits:

Poet walks away with major international prize


Monday, December 19, 2011

THE landscapes of Mark Tredinnick's poems are usually Australian - the Blue Mountains, or the Southern Highlands, where he lives. But it is Walking Underwater, a poem he wrote in Portland, Oregon, that has won the inaugural Montreal International Poetry Prize, which at $50,000 is the world's richest prize for a single poem.

There were 3200 entries from 59 countries and Britain's former poet laureate, Andrew Motion, chose the winner from a shortlist of 44 poets including seven Australians. ''This is a bold, big-thinking poem," Motion said of Walking Underwater, "in which ancient themes are re-cast and rekindled.''

Tredinnick conceived Walking Underwater (which is on the Montreal Prize website) soon after the tsunami that hit Fukushima in Japan, while walking along a tributary of the Columbia River in the US north-west. ''It is a walking meditation on dispossession and the holiness of the affection the earth, in its power and humour and maddening self-possession, seems even yet to hold for us all,'' he said.

Tredinnick, 49, has won many Australian awards for his poems and essays. He has co-founded a group of writers and artists who celebrate beauty and hope in the face of climate change, and his latest book is Australia's Wild Weather.

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Poet Rex Walton encourages local artists to participate in readings at Crescent Moon


Monday, November 28, 2011

For many poets, writing serves as a means of self-expression and conflict resolution.

At Crescent Moon Coffee, writers have the opportunity to share their written lives with others by reading their work to an audience made up of both writers and non-writers.

Rex Walton, a Lincoln poet for 30 years, has been running this Monday night reading series for the past 10 years.

Though "Poetry at the Moon" is typically frequented by poets, short stories, non-fiction, screenplays, songs and even blog posts are shared.

In the process of booking readers for the series, Walton contacts and schedules writers from Nebraska and all across the Midwest to read their work at the Crescent Moon. There are five or six "regulars" who read every week, but the number of new readers has been increasing recently.

"These writers bring great experiences, styles and different ways of looking at things," Walton said.

But Walton's love of verse is grounded in his own experience as a poet. He writes narrative poetry to express himself and to generate new thought. He often uses his poems to work through the events of his life.

Click here read more.

Poet Tomas Segovia Dies


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hispanic writer, poet and essayist Tomas Segovia died in the Mexican capital of complications to the cancer he suffered.

The Spanish-born Segovia, who went to Mexico as an exile after his homeland's 1936-1939 civil war, was the recipient of numerous honors including the 2000 Octavio Paz Prize for Poetry and the Essay and the 2005 Juan Rulfo Prize for Latin American and Caribbean Literature.

He was also honored in 2008 with the Federico Garcia Lorca International Poetry Prize.

Mexico's National Culture and Arts Council, or Conaculta, offered condolences for the poet's death in a communique.

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Education / Training Poems


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fresh Perspective by Sara Coslett

This is just another healthy distraction,
From my life of dissatisfaction.
My nights are filled with books and lectures,
In a world mired in conjectures.
I’m on my way to a degree
Attached to it is a hefty fee.
It’s a thirty-year plan
And yet it feels as though time just began. Click here to read in detail.

A Retired Teacher’s Dream by John Michael Domino

There is a yearning that I have deep inside.
It’s simply to teach others; I’ve got nothing to hide.
You don’t have to buy my program or hire me full-time.
In some situations, I don’t want a dime.
But if I can change a child’s life and make things like new.
There is almost nothing that I would not do.
But I know schools are competitive and many others want jobs.
Some need a career and feel threatened, others act like snobs. Click here to read in detail.

For more education / training poems, please visit here.

Action / Thriller Poetries


A Body Made For Sin by Southern Comfort

I am the Delta Queen,
I have been on my own, since I was sixteen.
I sell my body, just to survive,
As one man leaves my room, another arrives.
Oh Please don't ask me why I'm here,
I am just another fallen woman, that a wife fears.
What she refuses to give her man,
For money I will and so can.
Many a man has laid upon my ivory, rose scented breasts,
While I soothe his mind and grant him happiness.
I stroke male egos and other parts,
But when his time is up, I want him to depart. Click here to read in detail.

A Dividing Wall by Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)

I see an invisible psychological wall
Separating hearts of love in a family
As the young integrate with the Swedish
sending new roots in their new environs Click here to read in detail.

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Tips for the poets who are in beginning stage


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This article gives the beginning poet many tips for writing poetry. Learn about metered form, free style, personification, and many more techniques.

To write poetry, you must be willing to dig deep down into your soul. You must write the truth. You must write your feelings and views with a passion. These are very hard things to teach, so I will focus on the more technical aspects of writing poetry.

You try to add a unique perspective, but you know that so many other poets have described the sunrise and the sunset. You wonder how you could think of the universe and the stars in a new way. Well, you would be surprised. Many aspiring poets also struggle with getting the imagery in their verse just right.

First of all, in order to write with imagery, you must visualize the subject of your poem. If it is a poem about a tree, see the tree. You must also write down what you feel about the tree. Don't leave out any detail. What do the leaves smell like? If the poem is about a blazing fire, watch the flames flicker.

Watch the blossoms in the garden open up, breathing the air. See the orange flames lapping at the candle's wick. Can you hear the crackle of the fire burning in the fireplace? The blossom can cry, shedding the petals. The fire can voice its fury with a cackle.

Poetry must set the scene. Your reader must be able to step into the poem. They must be there with you, so you must describe it. In your head, watch the story unfold. Watch the tender rose blossom. Does it have dew sprinkled over it? What color is it? Is the color symbolic to the theme of your poem? Where is the light shining? Where is the shadow? Ask yourself what does the shadow symbolize.

To read the article in detail, please click here.

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